about me

Charlie Young

A true millennial, I have a wanderlust wish-list the length of my arm and value experiences over things. I’m always on the go and driven by an unrelenting desire for adventure with impact. I’ve been likened to a creative firecracker, a force of nature with a passion as punchy as the fruit. Devoted to spending my time championing action for our natural world, I mix exploration with science to tell creative tales of our oceans and wildlife.

I hold a first-class degree in Conservation Biology (BSc Hons) and have since specialised in Marine Science (MSc). My work has focused on researching human impacts in our oceans, from climate change to plastic pollution, with my first academic paper now in review. I’m happiest when submerged and love nothing more than salty hair and sandy toes. I’m currently training as a BSAC Sports Diver, but have over 100 logged scientific dives and a wealth of on the ground experience. My work has taken me from the Atlantic to the South Pacific ocean, where I have worked at globally recognised organisations designing, leading and coordinating scientific research.

Alongside my academic roles, I have always been passionate about telling the story of my work. Using my creative comms. experience, I communicate information about our oceans in a more wonderous way. From presenting a documentary on plastic pollution to daily ocean themed posts on my personal social media platforms, I will tell anyone about the ocean who will listen!


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