"Discovering life beneath the waves"

My Mission

Our seas are at crisis point and facing a number of unprecedented threats from ocean warming to plastic pollution. I’m on a mission to teach people about the incredible marine wildlife on their doorstep, highlight the challenges it faces, but most importantly, equip people with the skills and knowledge to become guardians of our seas.


Over the next year, I will follow the salt path around Britain in search of the best marine wildlife experiences and showcase the treasure trove of life above and below the waves. Through my adventures, I will highlight the challenges our oceans and wildlife face, and celebrate the people dedicating their lives to protect it. Going a step further, I will also work with established groups and projects to deliver and promote citizen science projects across the UK. Engaging with communities I will teach them a wealth of skills, from how to sample and identify microplastics to completing wildlife surveys above and below water. In doing so I hope to empower people with the skills and knowledge to take an active role in monitoring and protecting their local underwater patch.


How will I complete my adventures?

Our coasts are a diverse landscape. From saltmarshes to towering cliffs, the topography of our coastal areas changes dramatically from one place to the next. To showcase this, I will endeavour to experience our coasts in lots of different ways. This means hiking, kayaking, swimming, cycling and driving! Each adventure will be different from the last and showcase ocean adventures from lots of different angles.


Most importantly, I want to make my trips as carbon neutral and low impact as possible. This means I will always seek out the most environmentally friendly way to complete them.


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